Bowling may be just what the Doctor ordered!

Bowling is an activity that can provide numerous benefits to a person’s general well-being. People of all ages will find a sport that exercises both their body and their mind. Have a look at the following list, which provides just a few of the benefits you can derive from bowling:

Low-Impact Sport – A low impact sport or activity is one that places significantly less stress on the body, typically due to less person-on-person contact, as well as less emphasis on motions that may jolt the body. This can result in a reduced risk of injury, both in the short and long term. So, unless body-checking ever becomes part of 5 Pin bowling, your body will be thanking you.

Improved Dexterity – 5 Pin bowling is the perfect sport for young people, in particular as a way to sharpen their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The challenge of coordinating your body’s movements in an effort to hit a precise target stimulates focus and concentration, skills that are important in all areas of life.

Physical Exercise – On average, a bowler walks approximately 1 kilometre during a three-game series. The motions involved in bowling build and stretch muscles in numerous areas of the body, including the legs and arms. Bowling is a very popular sport amongst seniors partly due to the valuable exercise they get, and the fact that it is a lifelong sport that can be played at any age or ability.

Social Benefits – A list of reasons why people go 5 Pin bowling would be quite lengthy, and would include such reasons as a night out with friends, attending a weekly bowling league, going on a first date, etc. But what all those reasons have in common is they include the desire to be with and make friends. Bowling is the quintessential social activity, resulting in countless good times, lifelong friendships, and in some cases even marriage!

A healthy mind can be just as important as a healthy body, and with the above mentioned benefits, bowling is definitely good for you!

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