Form – Member Survey 2016

Bowl Ontario 5 Pin

Member Survey

Bowl Ontario 5 Pin is set to begin a strategic planning process for the purpose of creating a plan to better serve the members of this association.

Please complete the following survey. The answers you provide will play an integral role in this process; without your feedback, we will lack crucial data needed to make informed decisions.

Please complete this survey by September 6, 2016

Time to complete: 10 minutes

Questions: 27

Section 1: About Bowl Ontario 5 Pin

1. What do you see as the primary purpose of Bowl Ontario 5 Pin?

2. What can Bowl Ontario 5 Pin focus on that will most benefit your business?

3. Are there any specific services you would like Bowl Ontario 5 Pin to offer?

4. How would you rate the frequency and quality of communication between Bowl Ontario 5 Pin and yourself? (e.g. newsletter, email response time, etc.)

Section 2: About your business

5. What is the greatest challenge facing your business today?

6. Who is your #1 non bowling centre competitor?

7. Do you close your centre completely for the summer?

8. Through what methods do you currently advertise your business?

9. What method of advertisement do you find to be most effective?

10. Has your marketing budget increased or decreased compared to 5 years ago?

11. Are you planning any capital upgrades (scoring, pinsetters, seating, etc.) in the next 5 years?

12. Do you have any plans to add other entertainment options to your venue (e.g. arcade, etc.)? If so, what?

13. Have you recently been successful in accessing your local school system?

14. Would you say you have more or fewer corporate events as compared to 5 years ago?

15. Does your bowling centre offer any type of loyalty rewards program?

16. Would you say the popularity of Rock and Bowl (Glow Bowl, Cosmic Bowling, etc.) at your centre has grown or declined as compared to 5 years ago?

17. Would you rate the quantity of volunteers at your bowling centre to be insufficient, adequate, or abundant?

18. Do you currently derive more revenue from organized bowling (leagues, tournaments, etc.) or from public bowling (open play, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.)?

19. Do you foresee organized bowling making up a larger or smaller percentage of your total revenue in the future?

20. Have your sales of food and beverage (including alcohol sales) grown or declined as compared to 5 years ago?

Section 3: Demographics

21. What is the ratio of men / women in your leagues (e.g. 50/50, 60/40, etc.)?

22. What is the most popular sport played by youths in your city / town?

23. What is the most popular sport played by adults in your city / town?

24. Would you say your average league bowler has increased in age or decreased in age over the past 10 years?

25. Would you say your average public bowler has increased in age or decreased in age over the past 10 years?

26. To the best of your ability, estimate the percentage of people in your city / town that are of ethnic origin.

27. Is the percentage stated in question #26 reflected in your customer base? (i.e. if you stated the ethnic population is 10%, are 10% of your customers of ethnic origin? More or less?