About us

Who we are

Bowl Ontario 5 Pin is a non-profit association comprised of member bowling centres from across Southern Ontario that offer the game of 5 Pin bowling. Our members choose to belong to the association in order to gain access to the various benefits and programs we offer, which assist them in improving their business and provide the best possible experience for their customers.

The association works every day to find exciting and innovative ways to improve the bowling industry, and increase participation in this great sport.

Mission & Vision

To serve the membership by promoting prosperity and growth in the 5 Pin Bowling industry in Southern Ontario.
To be an indispensable resource for all 5 Pin Bowling centres in Southern Ontario.

History of Bowl Ontario 5 Pin

While regional associations of bowling centres did exist in Ontario as early as 1932, Bowl Ontario 5 Pin did not come into existence until 1953 when bowling centre proprietors from Toronto amalgamated with bowling centre proprietors from Hamilton to create the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of Ontario (BPAO).

In 1963 the BPAO formed what is now Youth Bowl Canada (YBC), with the first national championships being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1965. Since its inception, the Ontario Division of the YBC has been a dominant force on the national stage accumulating over 120 national titles. With over half a million registered bowlers since its founding, the Ontario Division of Youth Bowl Canada is a shared experience that connects generations and communities.

The association has also been successful advocating for the best interests of bowlers and bowling centres. Whether it be obtaining the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit for youth bowlers, or working with the government to fix unfair licensing laws, the bowling industry is better positioned in part due to the efforts of the association.

In 2015, the association (then operating under the name Bowl Ontario), restructured into two separate associations, one for the sport of 5 Pin bowling, and the other for Tenpin bowling. This brings us to today, as Bowl Ontario 5 Pin.

Directors & Staff

Pla Mor Lanes, St. Catharines
Board Member Since: 2010

Ingersoll Lanes, Ingersoll
Board Member Since: 2018

Echo Bowl, Brantford
Board Member Since: 2021

Lakeview Bowl, Peterborough
Board Member Since: 2018

Georgian Bowl, Collingwood
Board Member Since: 2019

Andrea Disher

Melanie Girard