Form – Ontario Twosomes House Results

Ontario Twosomes Tournament

House Qualifying Round Remittance Form

Tournament Entries

Registration for the YBO Twosome is included in each bowlers registration fee. 

$15.00 per additional spot in region finals.

Please submit payment by cheque to:

Bowl ntario 5 Pin, 73 Ontario Street  Unit 102E, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5J5

E-transfer is also available to

Advancement to Region Finals

Each program is entitled to 1 team in each division at no extra charge. Additional teams are $15.00 each.

Advancing Teams

Bantam Class 1 - Team#1

Junior Class 1 - Team#1

Senior Class 1 - Team#1

Bantam Class 2 - Team#1

Junior Class 2 - Team#1

Senior Class 2 - Team#1

Additional Teams (if applicable)

Bantam Class 1 - Team#2

Junior Class 1 - Team#2

Senior Class 1 - Team#2

Bantam Class 2 - Team#2

Junior Class 2 - Team#2

Senior Class 2 - Team#2

If advancing more teams than this form allows, simply submit a second form with the remaining teams.