Youth Bowl Ontario Cup

Returning for the 2021-22 season, the Youth Bowl Ontario Cup is the premier scratch team tournament for Seniors and Juniors. 

Build your own team from within your bowling centre, enter directly into the Provincial Championships, and compete to be declared the top team in Ontario, as well as win part of the...

$3,000 in Scholarship Awards

And much, much more!

The Details:

The Youth Bowl Ontario Cup is a provincial "Open" style scratch event. This means that YBC programs, or the bowlers themselves, are free to create their own teams and enter them directly into the provincial final. There is no qualification process, simply form a team of bowlers from the same bowling centre, and register it with Youth Bowl Ontario.

Being the only true traditional scratch team tournament on the YBC calendar, this event will offer a high level of competition for those looking to test their skill against some of the best youth bowlers in the province.

Sunday, May15, 2022 at NEB's Fun World, Oshawa.

Registration to begin at 9:00AM; Competition to start at 10:00AM.

Teams will be comprised of five (5) bowlers from the same bowling centre, as well as a coach, and may consist of any mix of male and female bowlers (i.e. teams can be all boys, all girls, or any mix of boys and girls), and any mix of Senior and Junior age division bowlers.

Teams will bowl five (5) games, with the team scoring the highest scratch total at the conclusion of the five (5) games being declared the Youth Bowl Ontario Cup Champions.

  • Winners will be awarded the Walter Valentan Memorial Cup in recognition of their achievement (picture at top)
  • $3,000 in scholarship awards: 1st - $1,750; 2nd - $750; 3rd - $500
  • Gold, silver, and bronze medallions
  • Individual awards for high single and high series (boy and girl)
  • $1,000 in scholarship awards to any bowler that achieves a perfect game

In addition, ALL BOWLERS will receive the following:

  • Commemorative team portraits (digital copy)

Teams MUST register one of the following three (3) ways:

  1. By Email:
  2. By Phone: 905-940-8200
  3. Online using the Program Director online access area (Program Director Only)


A team is not officially registered until confirmation has been received from Youth Bowl Ontario.

The registration deadline is May 1, 2022.

All registered YBC bowlers in the Senior and Junior age divisions are eligible to participate.

The cost to register is $40.00/bowler ($200.00/team), which is to be paid in advance of the event.

The official Youth Bowl Ontario dress code will be in effect.

Click here to download the official dress code

In addition, the Youth Bowl Ontario code of conduct will also be in effect.


Georgian Bowl, Collingwood

  • Hayden Zirk
  • Jake Whiteside
  • Justin Servant
  • Carson Brander
  • Sarah Currie
  • Coach: Trevor Hanley

University Lanes, Dundas

  • Zackary Ridgeway
  • Tim Pyper
  • Rowan Ravindran
  • Ava Katool
  • Kyra Skelton
  • Coach: Jeff Forester

Fairview Bowling Lanes, St. Catharines

  • Katelynn Mitchell
  • Garrett Fisk
  • Aaron Goertzen
  • Erica Boles
  • Felicia Currie
  • Coach: Bekah Akerley

Markham Bowl, Markham (2)

  • Rachael Robles
  • Alex Seloterio
  • Alex Wieland
  • Gabriel Quebral
  • Alli Wieland
  • Coach: Pearl Lum

Stellar Lanes, Newmarket

  • Nathan Baker
  • Dakota Groombridge
  • Raindancer Groombridge
  • Ethan Kim
  • Curtis Hannon
  • Coach: Ken Groombridge

Orleans Bowling Centre

  • Tyler Brighton
  • Crystal Brighton
  • Liam Ostrom
  • Ashlyn Ostrom
  • Joshua Grierson-Beaudoin
  • Coach: Denis Beaudoin

Bayshore Lanes, Midland

  • Morgan Weicker
  • Lydia Ladouceur
  • Kayla Maurice
  • Ryder Ladouceur
  • Blake Weicker
  • Coach: Denis Brabant

Towne Bowl, Kitchener (2)

  • Myles Wallace
  • Jayron Patrone
  • Nicholas Jackson
  • Ryan Sanders
  • Matthew Beadoin
  • Coach: Jason Gingrich

Echo Bowl, Brantford

  • Ethan Fleet
  • Ryan Luker
  • Hailey Mann
  • Cale Melenbacher
  • Jamie Morrison
  • Coach: Kristy Luker

NEB's Fun World, Oshawa (4)

  • Lucas Kelloway
  • Cory Dumais
  • Sarah Smuk
  • Ashley Forman
  • Johnny Ivall
  • Coach: Cathy Barker

NEBs Fun World, Oshawa (1)

  • Nicholas Kelloway
  • Matthew Smuk
  • Scott Holmes
  • Baily Cox
  • Shelby Cavanagh
  • Coach: Steve Barker

NEBs Fun World, Oshawa (2)

  • Ryan Oosting
  • Cameron MacLean
  • Adam Wichall
  • Trinity Mills
  • Rebecca Zenglein
  • Coach: Linda MacLean

NEBs Fun World, Oshawa (3)

  • Breanna Sproul
  • Carter Bryson
  • Zoey Pagett
  • Brooke Burchowycz
  • Paige Burchowycz
  • Coach: Liz Sproul

Kingsway Bowl, Welland

  • Ian Hetherington
  • Shayne Parsons
  • Trinity Fokkens
  • Olivia Frank
  • Mikayla Fokkens
  • Coach: Cathy Fokkens

Fairmont Lanes, London

  • Andrea Russell
  • Jordan Boss
  • Josiah Duffin
  • Kaddiy Cripps
  • MacKenzie Dinwoody
  • Coach: Dylan Yule

Towne Bowl, Kitchener (1)

  • Ashley Baumann
  • Skyler Friedrich
  • Natalie Green
  • Ceanna Kaple
  • Elizabeth Hickman
  • Coach: Josh Eldridge

Markham Bowl, Markham (1)

  • Mayeli Cornejo
  • Jordan Furlong
  • Jayred Robles
  • Cuyler Brisland
  • Jayden Ego
  • Coach: Russell Furlong

Ingersoll Lanes, Ingersoll

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Coach: TBD

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